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Press: Blindspot Renewed for (Final) Season 5

Press: Blindspot Renewed for (Final) Season 5

Much like Jane Doe’s tattoos, Blindspot isn’t going anywhere: The NBC drama has been renewed for a fifth and final season.

NBC isn’t confirming an episode count, but we’re hearing the final season will be abbreviated (i.e. 13 episodes or less).

The news of Blindspot‘s pickup might give fans a bit of whiplash, seeing as the show was recently pulled from NBC’s schedule for the duration of May Sweeps. It has temporarily been replaced in the Fridays-at-8 time slot by The Blacklist, but it will resume with the antepenultimate Season 4 episode on Friday, May 24. A two-hour finale follows on Friday, May 31.

As series creator Martin Gero previously revealed to TVLine, the finale will bring the FBI team to Iceland — where the episode was filmed — because “they’re following a clue” about Madeline Burke’s planned attack on the Eastern seaboard. “Something happens on the way there that makes the episode take a hard turn,” he teased.

Gero added that the episode will “reinvent the show in a huge way,” teasing “a twist and a dimensionality that we have not been able to play with yet.” He even conceded that the hour “would be a very bad series finale” in the event of cancellation — but that crisis has been averted.

As for the show’s ratings, Blindspot currently averages under a 0.5 demo rating, ranking last among all current NBC dramas, while in total viewers (2.8 million) it only outdraws the already renewed Good Girls.

Gero posted a message of thanks on Instagram:

Source: TVLine

Press/Photos/Video: Jaimie on The ‘Today’ Show


Jaimie was on The Today Show today! Check out her interview segment below and view photos in our gallery. She’s just so awesome. Enjoy!


Press: Jaimie Alexander Posts Sif Image After Loki TV Series Confirmed

This is complete speculation. We normally don’t post things like this BUT.. we really hope it’s true so maybe posting about it will put it into the universe. 🙂

Disney confirmed on Thursday that the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series starring Loki would be arriving on its new streaming service, Disney+. The next day, Loki actor Tom Hiddleston made his own announcement on Twitter and Instagram, but he wasn’t the only actor from the Thor movies dropping tantalizing references on social media.

Jaimie Alexander, who plays the Lady Sif, was close behind with a tweet of her own featuring her Asgardian warrior.

Alexander posted a frame from Thor: the Dark World showing herself as Sif, accompanied only by the words “Today’s mood…” As of now, very little about Loki’s show is known, but fans will no doubt be hoping that Alexander’s Sif reference on the same day and mere minutes behind Hiddleston’s post means she’ll at least be making an appearance.

Sif, who appeared in the first two Thor movies as well as an episode in each of the first two seasons of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., would be a natural choice for a supporting character in a series about the Asgardian God of Mischief. She was reportedly killed in Thanos’ infamous “Snap” at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, but Loki died at the beginning of the film as well. As the two characters have likely known each other for centuries, Sif could easily be written into any timeline used for the show.

Of course, Alexander’s tweet doesn’t confirm anything about her involvement. The image of Sif that she chose was a battle scene, so she may have simply been feeling pugnacious.
Disney+ is scheduled to launch in late 2019 and may include other series featuring characters from the MCU. At this time, the Loki series does not have a release date.

Press/Photos/Video: Jaimie and Sullivan on ‘The Today Show’

Press/Photos/Video: Jaimie and Sullivan on ‘The Today Show’

Actors Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton join Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb to talk about the upcoming fourth season of the NBC series “Blindspot.” The duo discusses their on-screen relationship, and Stapleton even brings along his cute pooch, Frankie.


Press: Amber Heard Resolves Lawsuit Over ‘London Fields,’ Clearing Path for Film Release

Amber Heard has resolved all legal disputes with the holders of the rights to “London Fields,” the 2015 film starring her and ex-husband Johnny Depp, clearing the path for the film to be released.

Nicola Six Limited, the film’s rights holders, announced on Tuesday that it has dismissed its claims against Heard, and that “London Calling” will be released by GVN Releasing on 600 screens on Oct. 26.

Set in a dystopian future, “London Fields” stars Heard as a femme fatale who becomes involved with three different men — a wealthy financier (Theo James), a petty criminal (Jim Sturgess), and a failing author (Billy Bob Thornton). All three intensely desire her, and by the end of the film, one of them murders her. Depp plays a minor role in the film, which is an adaptation of Martin Amis’ novel of the same name.

Nicola Six Limited sued Heard for $10 million in 2016 for breach-of-contract, claiming she refused to do nude scenes for the film despite reading the novel knowing that her role would require such scenes to be shot. The plaintiffs also accuse Heard of violating her contract by refusing to show up at the film’s planned premiere at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.

Several other stars also refused to show up to the premiere, while director Matthew Cullen sued Nicola Six for hijacking the final cut of the movie. The producers countered that Cullen did not deliver the film under budget and on time and accused Cullen of conspiring with Heard to interfere with the producers’ cut of the film.

The version that will be released next month will be Cullen’s cut, though Cullen’s lawsuit is still set to go to trial in February. Lynn Gibson, Administrator of Nicola Six Limited, said in a statement that “we are thrilled that Martin Amis’ bold vision will finally be shared with audiences,” while Heard’s attorney said that the actress is “happy to put this matter behind her” and that she “never should have been sued in the first place.”

Press/Photos: First Look – Jane Doe Heads to Tokyo in the ‘Blindspot’ Season 4 Premiere

Press/Photos: First Look – Jane Doe Heads to Tokyo in the ‘Blindspot’ Season 4 Premiere

Is there any fight Jane can’t win? Blindspot’s Season 4 premiere finds her channeling Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill — all through her dangerous alter ego!

Unbeknownst to her FBI colleagues, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) has reverted to her former persona Remi after a brush with a memory-wiping drug. That leads her to Tokyo in pursuit of a villain, with help from crime lord Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer).

“We open with epic shots of the Tokyo Tower,” Alexander says of filming on location. And what would a trip to Japan be without a samurai battle? “I fight four guys with one sword, then I fight a woman with two swords,” Alexander says, giving props to her “incredible” stunt double, Heidi Germaine Schnappauf.

“I did a good amount, but she did most of it. The samurai experts showed her so much respect.”

Press/Video: ‘Blindspot’ Star Jaimie Alexander Serves Up Hilarious Season 3 Bloopers

Blindspot may be all business, but on set, it’s far from serious.

How does the cast of NBC’s mythology-heavy action drama keep things light? By dancing, ribbing each other and flubbing their lines — unintentionally of course! Only ET has the exclusive first look at the hilarious season three bloopers from the show’s upcoming DVD and Blu-ray set, hitting shelves Tuesday, Aug. 21.

In the minute-long sneak peek, the stars of Blindspot kill some time in between set-ups by taking part in an impromptu line dance on the set of their headquarters. It’s all fun and games until someone proclaims — in jest — that it’s “time to be professional.” Another funny moment comes when series star Rob Brown (Edgar Reade) barges in but can’t seem to remember his lines.

In another humorous outtake, Jaimie Alexander (Jane Doe) can’t quite keep a straight face when Ennis Esmer (Rich Dotcom) calls her out for her serious facial expression. Alexander provides another laugh when she, in a scene with co-star Audrey Esparza (Tasha Zapata), can’t quite recall her next line in the car.

But the best moment may be the final one in ET’s exclusive preview, when someone off-camera praises Alexander for her ability to serve up some major sass in one dialogue-less moment. “Yas queen, cut and print that!” Watch the exclusive blooper reel above.

When Blindspot returns for season four, Jane won’t be Jane at all — at least at the beginning. ET spoke with creator Martin Gero about the finale cliffhanger, which closed with Jane identifying herself to be Remi and believing it to be years in the recent past — her memory lapse an ominous sign that one of the brutal side effects of the ZIP drug was in full effect.

“Having her revert back to Remi was something we had been talking about since the first year. We figured this was the right moment in time to do it,” Gero said of the haunting final scene, which featured Jane (believing to be Remi) by Weller’s (Sullivan Stapleton) hospital bed as he lay unconscious following complications from a gunshot wound. A devilish smile curled up on her lips as one of the team members promised that they’ll “get through this together.”

“We’re really excited about season four. It kind of returns to the storytelling that we did in season one, where Jane was working with the team, but was also working with Oscar and Sandstorm, and trying to figure out where her allegiance was. This will be similar, except that Remi is in town for a while,” Gero said of the new season. “She’s going to figure out that she’s on her own. She doesn’t realize that Sandstorm has been totally destroyed, her mother is in prison and her brother is dead. She’s going to have to lay in wait and figure out what kind of moves she can make and go from there.”

Blindspot returns Friday, Oct. 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. The Blindspot: The Complete Third Season DVD and Blu-ray set will be available Tuesday, Aug. 21.

Press: Blindspot Renewed at NBC

Tattoo-hoo! NBC has renewed Blindspot for Season 4, TVLine has confirmed.
The series — starring Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton — moved to Fridays this season, where it had been averaging 3.5 million total viewers and a 0.7 demo rating. Although it ranked among NBC’s least watched, lowest rated dramas, it remained a steady performer, posting a 0.7 rating for nine of this season’s 13 episodes.

The Season 3 finale is set to air on May 18.

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