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Photos: 2018 Critic’s Choice Awards

I’ve added over 200 photos of Jaimie from the 2018 Critic’s Choice Awards. Big thanks to my friend Marilla for a bunch of these lovely photos. Enjoy!

Photos: Blindspot Episode Screencaps + Stills

I’ve added screencaps and stills to the last 3 episodes of Blindspot to the gallery that were missing. Huge thanks to my friends (and fellow Blindspot cast fansite owners) Angela and Angie for their donations and help!

Photos: Blindspot Episode 3×06 Stills

I’ve added new Blindspot episode stills of Jaimie for next week’s episode. I’ve also added some missing stills from the last few episodes. Enjoy.

Press/Photos/Videos: Recent Appearances + Photo Sessions

I apologize for the lack of updates. I’ve just been a bit busy with other things. I’ve got the gallery caught up with all of Jaimie’s recent appearances as well as additions to events that are already in the gallery. I’ve also posted interview videos for you guys to watch in case you missed her appearances. To make up for the late updates I’ve added new photo session additions of Jaimie’s SDCC shoot from 2016. Enjoy!

AOL Build Interview:

The Today Show Interview:


Photos: Blindspot Screencaps + Stills

I’ve added HD screencaps from last night’s episode of Blindspot. What a great start to the season. I’ve also added stills for upcoming episodes 3×02 and 3×04 thanks to our partner site Luke Mitchell Fan.

Photos: Blindspot 3×01 – “Back to the Grind” Stills

I’ve added new Blindspot episode stills from the first episode of season 3. Huge thanks to my friend Angela for these. Blindspot returns later this month on October 27th.

Photos: Missing Film Additions – DVD Extras, Stills, Behind the Scenes, Posters

I’ve added more missing film additions to the gallery. I believe all that there is left to add for Jaimie’s filmography is The Other Side which I have bought and will be adding sometime next week. Working on her photoshoots and magazine scans next so keep checking back!

Photos: Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and Broken Vows

I’ve added a bunch of photos to the gallery of Jaimie from Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Broken Vows. I will add DVD extras from the Thor films soon. Her filmography is nearly complete in our gallery, yay. I will work on her photo sessions and magazine scans once the filmography is as complete as can be and then the gallery will be complete.

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