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Photos: ‘Blindspot’ Season 4 Behind the Scenes

Photos: ‘Blindspot’ Season 4 Behind the Scenes

I’ve added new behind the scenes photos of Jaimie from season 4 of Blindspot. Enjoy!

Photos: Blindspot Season 3 – Behind the Scenes

I’ve added a bunch of photos of Jaimie from behind the scenes of Blindspot this season. Big thanks to my friends Marilla and Mary for most of these.

Photos: Blindspot Episode 3×09 & 3×10 HD Screencaps

I’ve added HD screencaps of Jaimie from the last two episodes of Blindspot. Sorry for the lack of updates. I been busy with other things. Thanks to my friend Angela with help with one of the episodes.

How are you all liking the new season of Blindspot?

Photos: Missing Film Additions – DVD Extras, Stills, Behind the Scenes, Posters

I’ve added more missing film additions to the gallery. I believe all that there is left to add for Jaimie’s filmography is The Other Side which I have bought and will be adding sometime next week. Working on her photoshoots and magazine scans next so keep checking back!

Photos: Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and Broken Vows

I’ve added a bunch of photos to the gallery of Jaimie from Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Broken Vows. I will add DVD extras from the Thor films soon. Her filmography is nearly complete in our gallery, yay. I will work on her photo sessions and magazine scans once the filmography is as complete as can be and then the gallery will be complete.

Photos: Blindspot Stills & Behind the Scenes (Season 2 & 3)

I’ve added a bunch of missing Blindspot images to the gallery from season 2 and season 3. Check them out below. Enjoy.

Photos: Jaimie on The F Word

I uploaded screencaps to the site yesterday of Jaimie’s small appearance on The F Word, but forgot to actually add them. I’ve added them today. It was a cute segment where she and Gordon compete to make their own versions of a dish chosen by Jaimie. Be sure to watch it on Hulu if you are able to. It’s season 1, episode 5. Enjoy.

Photos: Blindspot Season 3 On The Set

I’ve added 80 high quality photos of Jaimie on the set of Blindspot season 3 where they are currently filming in Venice. I can’t wait for the third season. Enjoy.